Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I want to fly and be free,
Like a bird.
Be beautiful and bold
Have that lovely voice and song that everyone wants to hear
Song so perfect and sweet.
Perfect harmony and pitch.
Feathers and colors, I want to stand out.
A great big tree would be my home, my escape.


Cut open, exposed.
You're bleeding, crying out.
Wounded, hurt.

The pain sinks in and you start to scream
Nobody can hear you, barely a whisper
Your life, your everything has run dry.

Skin and bone


It sinks in, destroying me all the time.
People all around me judge me, making me feel insecure.
My feelings like paper, my heart of glass..
Easily fragile, and torn.
My insides burning, my heart broken.

Nobody understands how I feel,
They don't want to listen, nor do they care
I spill my heart out for them
but all the time I'm rejected
Left naked and hurt.

I just want to vanish, leave this world for good
maybe when I'm gone they will finally care
I doubt they would.